Saturday, 22 October 2011

The 10+10+10 SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting in October for 10 days only we are giving all members and additional 10% discount on top of their discount card/privilege. This means up to 25% off for our most loyal members =)

How does it work?
Starting on 31st October 2011 we will increase the discount rate to all e-Membercard holders by 10%; so if you are currently a 15% member your rate will jump up to a whopping 25%!

This sale like the e-Membercard T&C excludes all precious metals and AAAgemstones.

1) Since taking over, we know that our clients have not been getting the most optimal shopping experience; for that I’m deeply sorry and we are working every day to improve our systems. This sale is our way of rewarding our members and to say THANK YOU for supporting us.

2) We want to restock with the best merchandise but because I’m new at this, I need a big sale to tell me what you guys like and don’t like. Data from this sale will tell me what really needs to be restocked and what can wait till next season.

Since taking over I have quietly instituted a new membership policy which is this:

New member
RM50 = 1st year membership, giving 10% discount online & instore + RM50 voucher redeemable at your next visit (valid for 1 year)

Renewing member
RM100= 2nd year renewal, giving 15% discount online & instore+ RM100 voucher redeemable at your next visit (valid for 1 year)

*Note: that as we move forward my intention is to have even more members only events and specials

We have had several inquiries about commercial terms; the following are some criteria:
1)      Clients with a registered business
2)      Clients willing to enter a commercial agreement with a minimum spend of RM500 per month

Interested parties are encouraged to e-mail We shall enter into wholesale agreements on a case by case basis.

Thank you and best regards,
Creative Director


I’v just had a long discussion with my team and we have decided to stop issuing plastic cards, they are bad for the environment and we are committed to being part of the solution.

With immediate effect; will only issue “e-Membercards” the single biggest questions we get asked is:

What if I don’t have my card when I go to your Showroom?
Easy, if you can remember your name and e-mail address (or alternatively your phone number) then we can access your membership code and you can enjoy your discounts in store.

In addition, the (previous) cost of making the plastic cards will be diverted towards planting trees. 1 tree will be planted for every e-Membercard issued. The amount we would have spent on making the cards will now go towards making the world a better place. This is above and beyond our commitment to spend 1% of revenue towards planting trees.

The organization that we have partnered with in this effort is the “The Nature Conservancy” They are the No1 ranked conservation organization, world wide:
How they spend their money?
  • 80.2% of expenses go towards conservation projects
  • 11.4% of expenses go towards administration
  • 8.3% of expenses go towards fundraising
Because they are an established organization they have reached fantastic economies of scale especially in their tree planting efforts. will be partnering with the Nature Conservancy specifically on their 1BILLION tree campaign. I have included a link to their site for your reference:

We welcome any and all enquiries about this new policy, just shoot an e-mail to

Thank you and best regards,

Creative Director

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Last week, while driving, I heard the news on the radio that my hero Wangari Maathai
had passed away. She is a big reason why I got into Harvard; so it’s only fitting that I pay tribute to her.

In 2004 she won the Nobel Peace prize in recognition for the work carried out by the organization she founded in 1977; ‘The Green Belt Movement (GBM)’. To date GBM has planted more than 30 million trees in Africa and has helped nearly 900,000 women, according to the United Nations, while inspiring similar efforts in other countries in Africa and across the globe. Her work centered on improving the lives of women, building a sustainable relationship between people and the land and education.

I had promised myself for a long time that if ever I was in a position to set policy, that I would make my CSR about planting trees. With that, I wish to make the following public pledge and commitment:

“That 1% of all revenue from will go towards planting trees”

In so doing, becomes part of the solution. By supporting us, YOU become part of the solution.

I will update all on the mechanisms that I will use to get them trees planted, in the meantime, id like to leave all of you with a link to a New York times article about Dr. Wangari. Imbedded in the article is an amazing video that she did which really sums up what she’s about and how we all can do our tiny bit to help this planet.

Thank you and my very best regards,

Creative Director


Greetings all,

Today the world mourns the loss of Steve Jobs. At 56 he is considered young. Think how much more he could have achieved if he had lived as long as Warren Buffet (81) or Rupert Murdoch (80)?

I’v left a link at the bottom of this posting, it’s a link to a speech he did at UCLA in 2005 and it went viral online at the time and I’m guessing it will have a resurgence after today. For those that have seen it ….. watch it again! For those that haven’t. I envy you. Take in all that he says then go out and do it!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

We are hiring! -Management trainee at is looking for a new Management Trainee. This position pays between RM1200-1500.

Super fresh graduates are welcomed! The right person for this job is:

  1. Super organized
  2. Massively positive attitude
  3. has a creative spirit

That’s it folks, if you have all 3 of the above and know your way around computers, especially ‘Apples/Macs’ then we should meet!

Interested candidates are to mail their CV and a brief intro about themselves to:

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Many thanks and warmest regards,

Creative Director

Showroom closing for 1 month

Hello all,

If you’re reading this you’ll know that I have decided to close the showroom so that I can start remodeling.

I want to apologise for the zero notice on this action. Here is why:

I had been sourcing several different contractors to quote for work(s) to be done at the showroom. The most highly recommended one, (his name is Tan) literally just came back to me confirming when he can commence work….. This week!

This guy is like a rock star in the remodeling world, I have a limited window of opportunity to secure his time and services or else we would need to wait another 3 months in order to get any remodeling done.

Why is remodeling so important?
Some of you might be aware that we have been running low and even out of certain key stocks; the fact it I can only receive new goods once the remodeling is done. At the same time we are attempting to upgrade the inventory, warehousing and ultimately the fulfillment system. In short I don’t want to make you guys wait another 3 months for our re-supply.

Online keeps going
My commitment to all clients is that we continue fulfillment of online orders.

Stay tuned.
My next move in the next few days is to announce a ‘members only’ sale. This is my way of saying THANK YOU to all of you for supporting throughout this choppy period.

Thanks again and

Creative Director